Today, New York based artist Mindchatter released his first full length album Imaginary Audience on Mind of a Genius Records.  Having written, produced, and vocalized all aspects of this project, Mindchatter successfully showcases his advanced musical prowess throughout the album. Mindchatter offers listeners a vulnerable glimpse into his own psyche in his search for self-acceptance and higher purpose.  As the title suggests, Imaginary Audience is a shout-out to Mindchatter’s reflection on self-doubt something that we can all take comfort in as we realize we’re all wrapped up in our own imaginary audiences.

 Mindchatter shares: ‘Everything creative and positive I’ve achieved has been when the imaginary audience wasn’t watching. Soon I’ll realize it hasn’t been watching this whole time… no ones looking, no one’s listening, no one cares… They’re way too wrapped up in their own imaginary audience. 

The way we censor ourselves based on fear of judgment is a major interest for me lyrically and artistically because it’s such a common but often unrecognized source of suffering.”

The album is introduced with featured single “Choose A Side”, a delicate track that highlights Mindchatter’s sophistication with his distinguished vocals and melodic piano harmonies.  The title itself hints at divisive social and political undertones, speaking to the unrest that permeates in our minds during these trying times, and the need to resist ambivalence. Our personal fave is “Night Goggles” a gorgeous sunset anthem with a striking music video to match, but as things go, we can’t fault the album as a whole either.

Mindchatter first came on the radar in 2019, and has since steadily been making a name for himself.  He has toured with French electro due Polo & Pan, and dropped killer remixes for notable names like Channel Tres and AMTRAC. With this debut album, Mindchatter continues establishing himself as a remarkable artist, and also invites listeners to peer into his mind and get to know him on a more personal level. Well, we’re hooked and can’t wait to be part of his physical audience as well.