Miguel Puente, over the past few years, has been steadily building a highly praised reputation for his dropped tempo workouts, many of which have found their way onto reputable imprints such as No.19 Music, OFF, Diynamic and Hot Waves, a striking indication of the sheer quality and current appeal in his work.

The EP kicks off with ‘Only You’ first, embracing Puente’s modern disco aesthetic with simplistic, organic drums, swirling resonant synthesizers and evolving saw wave tones. Puente then samples a variety of vocal snippets to build their own melody and carry the groove, while subtle nuances in the synth elements meander around them. Up next is ‘Keep On’ taking on a similar format, with vocal snippets, disco drums and gritty low end tones. Things again slowly bloom in such a state with sweeping, filtered vocals creating a flourishing dynamic, while additional sub hits and bright synth hooks fuel the weight.

Entering the B-Side of the EP we have ‘From The Moment’, edging things on a darker tip with a penetrating bass hook, eerie synth stabs and subtle tinges of garage, resulting in a contemporary heavy hitter. Lastly, closing the release, ‘Be No Good’ is offered up, a perfect way to wind down the release, this time opting for a more retro infused feel with blossoming, psychedelic pads, dubbed-out vocal lines and low-slung, crunchy drums.


Artist: Miguel Puente
Title:  From The Moment EP
Label:  Outcross Records
Catalog No.:  OCD032