Mia Moretti‘s latest release, “Piano de la Selva,” stands as a vibrant fusion of cultures and genres, uniting the traditional rhythms of Bullerengue with the electrifying beats of Afro-house. At the heart of this remix is the collaboration between Mia Moretti and Kilimanjaro, a UK-based DJ and producer with Zambian roots. Kilimanjaro’s Afro-centric influences meld seamlessly with the vibrant energy of Western electronic music, breathing new life into Moretti’s original composition. The result is a sonic masterpiece that bridges continents and generations.

Inspired by Moretti’s journey to Colombia and her encounters with Bullerengue matriarchs, “Piano de la Selva” is a heartfelt homage to the roots of Afro-Latin music. Kilimanjaro’s remix adds a new dimension to the track, blending organic percussion with electronic elements to create an irresistible groove that transcends boundaries.

As Moretti continues to evolve as an artist, “Piano de la Selva” represents a bold step forward, pushing the boundaries of creativity and cultural exchange. With its infectious rhythm and universal appeal, this remix invites listeners to join a global celebration of music and unity. Buy/stream the remix here.