After traveling the world and collaborating with artists from Europe to South America, Venezuelan producer Maurice Aymard debuts his live, full-length album on his own Barcelona based Galaktika Records. Featuring singers, guitarists and electronic producers including Gui Borrato, these 9 tracks are filled with beautifully varied musical perspectives.

Naturally deep and passionately luminous, the album in its entirety is picturesque, each song embracing ranging tempos, moods and instrumentation.  “Home” is warm and galactic, while “Blue Moon” holds your breath before tragic horns subtly swim through the reggae vibes of “Different Channels.” I love the focused simplicity of “1994” that leads so gently through the concluding “Asunto De Amor,” ending on a seductive, jazzy note that leaves your spirit high and mind at ease.

Music Is 4 Lover’s editor, Terri Harel, briefly chatted with Aymard about Between Stars. Here’s what he had to say about the LP:


I love the jazzy grooved-out feel of the album – what were you inspirations in the storytelling process for the album?

I come from a rock and indie background. I also remember my father putting old jazz records when I was very young. Also, my love for electronic music is since I was very young, so I guess the mixture of all this things made Between Stars.

Where and how was this album created? Any special hardware (or synth plug ins) you relied on specifically?

The whole concept of the album is based on live instruments, there were more than 10 musicians involved, 4 guitars, bass, saxophone, drums, 3 guitars and 4 singers. So, if you listen to the album you will feel a great story behind it.

What’s coming up for you that you’d like readers to be aware of – new tour dates, other projects etc?

I am playing a lot in Barcelona, which is where I live, besides this I have some dates in Germany.  There are also nice things coming out on Galaktika and Apersonal Music (my other label) – artists like Session Victim, Lauer, Miguel Puente, Sasse, Roberto Rodriguez and on and on. I am also in the studio right now making new music, so yes a lot to come!

Sway, relax and purchase this phenomenal collection HERE!


Artist: Maurice Aymard [click to follow him on Facebook]
Title: Between Stars
Label: Galaktika Records [click to follow Galaktika on Facebook]
Release Date: October 28th, 2013
Catalogue No.: GLKLP6