The second release on Motek Music, and it’s the turn of head honcho Matt Hardinge, with his track “What They Wanna Be”. This sharp and punchy piece takes on an almost industrial feel in the percussion sections, with a strong brassy textured lead adding real weight to the instrumental parts. Sweeping synths bring air and space to the production, and with the added spoken vocal, make this track the complete package to excite any dance floor.

This release comes with 4 remixes. Firstly Namito, who has filled his version with a spacious feel, putting more emphasis towards the low bass pad sounds and soaring lead lines. The faster woody percussive textures add movement and swing to the track. LA duo Low Tide have given the track a more laid back and understated feel, adding groove and movement to the track by way of conga grooves and fast shaker/hi hat combinations. Christian Barbuto and Daelo have kept the deep vibe going and have added a rolling groove to the track emphasised by the Guitar textured sounds, percussion and bass rhythms. Finally Robert Roman, who has gone more towards Tech House in many elements. Presence in the Hi Hat parts, variety within the snare and a strong conga section adding the rolling groove to the track. The lead takes on an almost haunting feel as it sits over a constant ‘drone’ synth.


Artist:  Matt Hardinge
Title:  What They Wanna Be
Label:  Motek Music
Catalog No.:  MTK002