Influential German artist DJ T. continues to work under his new alias Mathami with a second superb EP on his newly formed Pura Danza label. Both vital tracks reflect his love for the spirit of Africa and the continent’s diverse music and cultures.

Ecstatic Dance is one of many forms of Conscious Dance but has become by far the most popular over the past 20 years. Since DJ T. discovered these events in the Sacred Valley of Peru a couple of years ago, he has been shifting his activities towards this fast growing ceremonial dance culture. As a skilled music selector and curator he is channeling all his experience to find his very own way of creating the musical journey for these events. The transition of the past years has finally led him to launch a new music label, Pura Danza, and a new artist persona, Mathami, to shine a light on the vast cosmos of music that gets played at Ecstatic Dances and beyond.

This second Mathami EP opens with the superb title track featuring infectious drums and percussion that build towards an epic high. Uplifting bells and marimba join a choir of tribal vocals that lead you to a euphoric peak before you sink back down into the pure, irresistible and funky groove. The excellent ‘Entasim’ carries the energy of a ritual dance of male warriors that dance themselves into a trance. It’s a journey into hypnotic percussion, layered with ethereal chimes and bells and powerful vocals from Kenya’s Massai tribe, recorded during one of their famous formation and jump dances.

Arany is another fascinating and authentic window into the beguiling world of Ecstatic Dance and Pura Danza. ‘Arany’ will be available on streaming services from 29th October with the full release available on sale and streaming on 12th November.




Artist: Mathami
Title: Arany EP
Label: Pura Danza
Release Date: 2021-10-29




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor