The whole nuclear war vibe has been freakin’ haunting us forever, right? Like, movies, art, and tunes are totally shook about it. Picture this: movies where cities get zapped, art showing crazy apocalyptic scenes, and music droppin’ beats about the end of the world. It’s like, the world’s been living with this massive fear, and our pop culture is, like, shouting about it.

Check out those blockbuster films, man! Explosions, chaos, and a whole lot of drama. Artists are going wild, too, with these insane paintings and installations screaming “we’re on the edge, dudes!” And music? Oh, it’s been straight-up warning us. From rock anthems to rap verses, artists are spitting rhymes and singing hooks about nukes ruining the party.

We’re living in this crazy mix of awesome creativity and legit fear. Our generation’s art scene is, like, a giant neon sign flashing “wake up, world, before it’s too late!” It’s our wake-up call set to a sick beat, telling us to deal with the realness of global nuclear fears before it’s game over. Two artists from Germany have now also dared to tackle this highly topical subject and released their new single.

Marian Mueller & Erlenbrunn deliver About Nuclear Fallout on Twin Town Production. An electronic ode and wake-up call to the sanity of world leaders. Beats and synths merge here as if in a meltdown, leaving the floor free for exuberant dancing.