Known as the Morrissey of underground dance music, Mano Le Tough returns with a brilliant EP on his imprint Maeve. This is Mano Le Tough’s debut on the label, and his first original music since his album “Changing Days” in Spring 2013. Tempus EP consists of 3 very different tracks, which showcase the different sides of Mano’s productions. Title track Tempus is a warm melodic burner with eclectic undertones. Return To Yoz is certainly a dance floor moment and a powerful track that keeps you locked in the groove. Sorry Is A Useless Word is Mano the Haus Romantiker, returning to a style reminiscent of his album,  An amazing EP from start to finish with many different avenues of music to listen to.  Mano once again proves why he is so highly respected in the music community.


Artist:  Mano Le Tough
Title:  Tempus
Label:  Maeve
Catalog No.:  MAEVE03