MANIK has been doing big things this year, and only continues full force ahead. With a myriad of hot releases in just 2016 alone, the LA via NYC artist drops his latest EP, Weights & Measures.  Brought to us by Poker Flat Recordings, this is yet another label to add to his already impressive catalog of releases.

Channeling those funky, old-school flavors, the release contains four fresh, dance floor-worthy tracks.  The EP kicks off with “Thirsty Crow” – an incredible fusion of House and Techno, delivering some dazed synth melodies, choppy percussion over a deep and reverberating bassline. Vibrant and bouncy, the title track, “Weights & Measures”, will have you jammin’ to some tight percussion kicks and effervescent acid sounds. “Complexity” is infused with classic house grooves, intricately woven with some serious synth action over a bed of bubbly beats.  “Heard One” is an energetic track, full of groovy bass, strong claps and wonderfully uplifting vibes.


Artist: MANIK
Release Date: 2016-04-15
Label: Poker Flat Recordings
Catalog No.: PFR173BP

MANIK – Weights & Measures

Crystal Helman
Contributing Editor