After numerous contributions to All Day I Dream’s compilations, Makebo returns to the label this time with a full EP in tow. ‘Skyline’ unfolds across four compositions, each of which fit perfectly into the label’s canorous sonic profile. 

Makebo’s penchant for grooves rings throughout ‘Skyline,’ with each piece anchored by a hypnotic bassline designed for outdoor listening impact. Atop, the Russian talent appeals to various shades of emotion. “Freedom,” for example, closes the EP out on a blissful note with soft pads and windchime-esque synths arranged into cheery progressions. Title track “Skyline” takes on a more dynamic approach, building a sense of mystery with various instrumental layers playing off of each other in an energized fashion. “Whale” captures attention with sweeping orchestral accents, while “Dark Places” uses wispy vocal clips and subdued synthwork to create a shadowy atmosphere. 

‘Skyline’ marks Makebo’s most extensive release since restarting his career under his current moniker in 2018. It follows a natural progression which has seen him release on Shanti Moscow Radio, join the Fidem Community, and even sign a remix to the legendary Anjunadeep records. Despite his short tenure in the melodic and organic house spaces, Makebo has already seen support from some of the genres’ biggest figureheads—including Guy J, Hernan Cattaneo, Gabriel & Dresden, and more. 

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