[Release] Mahony & Bog have been a formidable team over the years, and just in time for Halloween they drop a four track monster on Love Not Money Records.  A label know for dropping funky, dark, and deep jams, Midnight games EP is a great addition to the Love Not Money catalog.  In addition, Fosky gets in on the record, and there is a fabulous remix by rising superstars Him_Self_Her.

‘Triphaze’ is the jam for this spooky holiday.  Abysmal and bleak with eerie tones, this jam is a lurker in the dark and will pray on your inner dancer.  ‘Midnight Games’ is a late night stalker with a wicked groove.  As the vocals state, this is one for the “Midnight hour.”  ‘Sins’ really drags out your inner demon with its entrapping melody and sinister groove and the introduction of steel drums gives this track a nice allure.  Instant stars, Him_Self_Her, deliver with a hard pressed pumping remix of ‘Midnight Games’.  With a riding bass line, jumpy vocals, and a tight groove, this is sure to be another massive hit for the duo.

A superb record from Love Not Money and all artists involved.  My only complaint would be why this record didn’t come out last week so people could have played it in their Halloween set.  Well here it is now, and when it’s time for things to get dark and spooky you know what record you can go to.


Artist:  Mahony & Bog
Title:  Midnight Games EP
Label:  Love Not Money
Catalog No.:  LNM021

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