Los Angeles based Plastic Love duo-Bas & Maheras- are expanding their reach, set to influence the community with a self-titled imprint that holds true to the quality sounds that have inspired them as DJs and party curators. This new endeavor plans to highlight innovative LA residents, and begins true to form with a stunner from co-label head Maheras in The Man From Another Place EP.

Galactically inclined and inherently tech-driven, the package captures a dark mystique that varies in intensity through unique interpretations by Cottam (Aus Music / Ruff Draft) and Timothy J Fairplay (Crimes Of The Future). Melodic depth, acidic tinge and percussive edge, these tracks will take you on a journey through the stars so listen up and welcome Plastic Love Records to the shelves.

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Artist: Maheras
Title: The Man From Another Place
Label: Plastic Love Records
Release Date: June 9th, 2014
Catalogue #: PLR 001