[New Release] For all you lovers of the latest night — the moments before a touch of golden morning slips you into dreamy Balearic house, Maetrik, Maceo Plex’s techno alter-ego, never disappoints.  His latest EP, Unleash the Beast, which is set to be released August 13th on his own imprint Ellum Audio is no exception to his extraordinary body of work.

The release starts off with “The Poem,” a looming, held back beat that is more of the Maceo Plex variety; each phrase keeps charging you like a battery, waiting and begging for the release of that harvested energy.  The track is beyond danceable, it’s traversable to your dark place, and it transitions smoothly into the Maceo Plex Revenge version of “Walk Alone.” “Walk Alone” slowly gives you some slack to chomp the energy bit, with a sharper, more defined kick emerging by the end.  The rest of the EP delivers the release you’ll have waited for all along, especially by the the end of the third track, “To The Top.”

While listening to “To The Top,” you can hear the whistles and wails in the crowd at a dark club as each new layering element sneaks into the production.  Soon, as the “to the top” vocal repeats and builds from nothing back into the dub bass and short synth stabs, you find relief from the hyper-anticipation. This track is not one to mess around with–it is 4 am heaviness and sexiness that’ll leave your audience at a place of no return.

The wonderful thing about this EP is both its listenability as a body of collective work and its usability in the DJ booth per individual track.  There’s nothing left to question about Maetrik’s ability to deliver top notch productions, paint a musical picture and send you on a musical journey.  Unleash the Beast EP kills in all aspects and lives up to its title.