Known for championing productions from both exciting rising and emerging talents through to some of the biggest names in the industry, Madtech Records has established itself as a staple label for many since its inception back in 2012. Having recently revisited their self-titled V/A series, with contributions from the likes of Juliche Hernandez, Ray Mono and Kreutziger across the recent two instalments, the label now invites a fresh set of rising names to deliver four impressive cuts to the Madtech catalogue, welcoming recent PIV signee Alex Ranerro, London’s Max Casebolt, Argentinian Cajal and highly tipped DJ and producer Nikizi.

Alex Ranerro opens the release with the slick ‘Usual Thing’, combining rich, warm chords and skipping percussion, whilst Max Casebolt’s ‘Focus’ switches up the aesthetic as garage-tinged basslines and slinking drums take control. Next, Cajal’s Lost Phone Mix of ‘2i418’ keeps the tempo high as skipping hats and a bubbling bass groove lead the charge, before Nikizi closes the EP and winds things down with the hypnotic and dubbed out ‘Palermo’.

Madtech 06 is out today – purchase HERE.

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