Lucas Nord has taken the summer by storm with his brand new house-leaning alias, Hans Göran, sharing five feel-good anthems with the Nordic sun as his direct inspiration. Starting as merely a dream to share the music he created in his free time, the project has taken on a life of its own, racking up streams across platforms, and even landing on the highly sought after ‘Friday Cratediggers’ playlist on Spotify, alongside the very best in dance music. Out now in full, with the final single ‘NILO’ available to stream, fans can close out the summer in style with Hans Göran’s debut EP.

Off the back of ‘GANG’, ‘FIKA’, ‘LIMONCELLO’, and ‘GIRL’, Nord closes out his ‘A Summer With Hans Göran’ EP with ‘NILO’, an uplifting number dedicated to his girlfriend. The sweeping soundscape revolves around a chopped and filtered vocal, building with housey piano and strings in the second half of the track.

‘To me, NILO is a track that feels and sounds like love, euphoria, and like nothing else matters in the world, so I had to be cute and name it after my girlfriend. It just gives me energy, you know? The vocal also says ”You make me feel like that” which kinda ties it all together. It’s also the first track I made for the project so it feels like it’s a great way to wrap up this EP.

It’s been so liberating releasing these songs because they’ve kinda just been for me. They’re the tracks I’ve made myself, for myself late at night without ever thinking about what anyone else would think. Now I couldn’t be happier that they’re all out.’
  – Hans Göran