Chopstick & Johnjon, boss hogs of the Suol Record label out of Berlin, lay down the music for the 2nd installment of our “Sexclusive Mix” series. This series is composed of mixes by artists who have played the Lovelife party, making it a sort of honors club for those that have graced the decks at this Love affair. Of course there will be many more to come, but it makes us proud that Chopstick & Johnjon contacted us personally, as friends, to be the second episode after the first installment was released by their friend & ours, Daniel Bortz. As event producers & bloggers, we have the pleasure of meeting many of the artists we talk about in person. Sometimes this is not a good thing. Sometimes, it is an absolute joy. With Chopstick & Johnjon, playing for us on their Suol tour of early 2013, we were fortunate enough to meet some of the most down to earth and happy DJ/Producers on the planet. Not only was their music good, but their attitude, their open hearts and their smiles were unique unto themselves. Truly, they are the kind of artists that make you remember why you throw parties in the first place. The same went for their buddy, Daniel Bortz, who joined them on their Suol tour. The trio was magic and we couldn’t be happier having them host the first two mixes of our Sexclusive series.

Much love went into this episode so please, share it with someone special as we are doing with you <3


Peace, Love & Sex


Slow aka Jon Dadon