In celebration of Lovelife hitting the 5,000 “Like” mark on their Facebook fan page, Daniel Bortz has compiled a seductive selection of aural sex for your listening pleasure. This mix is a special gift to Lovelife provided by personal request of Mr. Bortz so we are very honored to host it and have it represent this milestone in Lovelife’s growth. Just recently, in January, Daniel Bortz performed at one of the increasingly popular Lovelife events in San Diego, California as part of a label showcase for Germany’s Suol imprint along with Chopstick & Johnjon. As was apparent during his performance, Daniel Bortz’s sets are nothing short of amazing. He ceases to inspire the audience and DJs alike with his ability to select tracks, new and old, and weave them into a musical journey only the mind of a truly experienced artist could pull off. This special mix exemplifies the same talent witnessed at his Lovelife debut in January, mixed with expertise and created to spread the love. Press play on this one of a kind exclusive gem and allow the sounds of Daniel Bortz to transport you to a place of “peace, love and sex”, as is the Lovelife mantra.