Lovecast 283 comes to us from the lovely duo out of Berlin, Quadrakey

I’ve been a huge fan of the work Quadrakey has released and curated with Tooman Records over the years, so it was just lovely to lock in this beautiful deep house mix from them for this Lovecast. Quadrakey continues to steadily release amazing tracks all over the underground deep house scene, and their discography never ceases to impress.





01. Jus Tadi – Don’t Care [Closer To Truth]
02. Cossway – No Break [Sequential Records]
03. Black Loops – Un Negroni, Grazie! [Happiness Therapy]
04. Marc Brauner – Love Triangle [Bellissima Records]
05. Cleanfield – When You Return [Gents & Dandy’s]
06. Trevor Gordon – CRYD [Crooks & Villains Records]
07. Mo’Cream – Say Something [Large Music]
08. D.d. Project – Obsessive [Lounge Bazar]
09. Sijay – Easily Amused [MoodyHouse Recordings]
10. Marotti – Hi Fly [Meso Records]
11. Rawdio – Soft Mood [Gents & Dandy’s]
12. Enrico Mantini feat. X Woman – What U Want (Chris Stussy & Djoko Remix)




Turn it up & enjoy!