George Smeddels joins us for the 261st Lovecast Episode

George is no stranger to the industry. Through his role with Resonance Records (working closely with Max Chapman), he has been exposed to a side of the fence that has also helped him develop himself as an artist; gaining a greater understanding of the machine as a whole. He has wasted no time getting his teeth into some of the biggest labels in the business either, with heavily-supported releases on the likes of Sola, Relief, Do Not Sleep, VIVa, NoExcuse and more.

With an impressive catalogue of EPs stacking up nicely behind him, along with meticulous backing from his peers; George is finding his physical exposure blossoming inside and outside of the UK. Already having played the likes of fabriclondon, Sankeys Ibiza, Ministry of Sound, Egg London and many more, he is making all the right movements as an artist that is explicitly true to his sound and adamant on doing things the right way. His impressively captivating stage presence and undeniably distinctive sound are only adding fuel to that fire, as he continues to drive that groovy stake right through the heart of modern house and techno.

Known for his impressive work ethic and devotion to the cause, it will come as no surprise to hear that there are plenty of releases and shows to look forward to over the hill for George; as he looks to continue with his already stellar form for an indefinite period of time.

Make sure to pick up George’s latest release, “We Take You There”, on the excellent Superfett Records. Available now!






– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Senior Editor