[New Mix] There are few things I truly love more than a good mix. A good mix should be a trip, a journey, that from beginning to end takes you out of your reality and into the artist’s … and that’s exactly what this mix from MEXA mastermind of darkness, sir Louie Fresco, has done. It is so hard for me to play favorites when there are so many divine delights delving around the world of deep, but, I will proudly profess an unwavering love, addiction, and obsession to anything and everything MEXA since their blessed presence in my life first happened last February. The MEXA family is well rounded and each of their artist’s unique styles appeals to a different part of what encompasses all that I love about deep n sexy tunes, with main man Louie Fresco as the papilord of utterly divine darkness. A bit twisted, there is always an ominous feel to his tunes that strikes just the right level of eeriness … take it deeper, take it darker with this one dear lovers …