LA-based electro-soul siren Oriel (formerly known as Oriel Poole) has today return with her first release of 2021, “Home”.

On “Home”, Oriel continues her fine form, blending a gorgeous assemblance of soft percussive elements and glowing synths paired with her strikingly ethereal voice. Caught between a melancholy mood & a cosmic daydream, “Home” is finding the light within to carry us through dark times, as Oriel explains.

“This song is a symbol of the transformation between “life” and “death”, metaphorically speaking. We are standing between two worlds, in the cocoon phase, the chrysalis, the period in which the caterpillar transforms into the butterfly. As we respond to the world, we are asked to face more of ourselves, which can ignite many feelings. Transformation may not always be pretty, but we know something greater awaits beyond the barrier of our cocoon. And when we lean into the heart, into the frequency of love, we shift life as we know it.”

Check out the track below and follow the singer here.