Lisbon-based Your friend, daao (formerly daao) has released the poignant and highly autobiographical four-track EP, Missing: You So Much.

Your friend, daao’s sounds are unique. Known for his immersive live and DJ sets, intertwining art and music into thoughtfully crafted shows, Your friend, daao transports you into a musical world like no other where creativity is key, playing alongside equally creative forces such as DVS1, Young Marco Soichi Terada, Masalo, Viken Arman and Kareem Ali.

After leaving his home city of Yeravan and relocating to Lisbon, Your friend, daao did more than a little soul-searching. Missing: You So Much EP is the product of that reflection, of being present with one’s emotions. Your friend, daao has a gift of translating feelings into music, blending juxtaposing sounds in a way you’ve never heard before creating something familiar yet fresh.

To accompany the EP, Your friend, daao also released a beautiful video.

On the video, Your friend, daao said: “The video’s context is that I am writing a letter to myself and by doing so, addressing the younger generation who are still learning the world. The idea is a bit Sci-Fi because basically I am writing a letter back in time when I was a kid and message is basically that you’re going to go along way and the the advice is that you need to keep walking, keeping your heart open, and warning about a couple things. The last message is the EP’s name and the message Missing: You so much is that I miss so many things that I had when I was a kid.”

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Photographer: YO