Leon Vynehall is well known in house music for his proficient musical craftsmanship. His latest album Rojus (Designed to Dance) is a splendid reflection of his craft. Released on Running Back Records out of Lorsch, Germany, which is a label full of brilliant artists like Radio Slave, Redshape, Tensnake and so many more.

Rojus definitively translates to a land full of delight amongst the divine beings, so get ready to take a sound journey to the Garden of Eden. Hop onto your dragon, or magic carpet, or whichever ride you desire to go “Beyond This” chaotic society through synths and dream like cries of ecstasy. Then get off your rides and dance! The next few tracks are sexy with plentiful percussion and glorious beats. The well leveled loops build up to a beautiful mound, but never quite go all the way over the edge. A thousand streams of piano keys and vocals keep this trip steady moving and sweet. We get a little funky at the end with “Kiburu” and “There is You” which add some paradise in the jungle sounds to the garden. This trip isn’t full of many surprises, but it is a clean and blissful experience.


Artist: Leon Vynehall
Release Date:
Label: Running Back
Label:Catalog No: RBCD061

Leon Vynehall – Kiburu

Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor