Time for a swim into the sea of the mind with the latest EP Deep Thinks from Lauro Martins. This producer has been breathing music since birth diving into all styles, with the latest being a smooth darker sound. Out on Frequenza, the Italian label which is consistent for their solid, sexy, and amazing techno releases. Recently, Frequenza helped to win 5 international awards for DNNS Snowroad’s music video. Lauro’s EP on this admired techno label is a great step to forward his music career.

“Deep Thinks”, the first track on the EP, is soft and builds with a compelling bass, and great kicks, adding spoken words to make your brain turn on and take a bit of a reality check. “Drop Like This” is bit harder and captivates the soul with pushing low frequencies of bass and vocals.  Deep Thinks EP is sure to keep the dark nights flowing and let you sail into the adventures of the mind.


Artist: Lauro Martins
Release Date:
Label: Frequenza
Label:Catalog No: FREQ1639

Lauro Martins – Deep Think
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Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor