London based label and publishing group sinnmusik* are set to release the debut of DJ Quiz and Cle K’s collaboration King Of Rats on October 11th.  “Lions Dining Out” has a starry eyed, deep -space driven vibe, featuring British songbird Krystal’s stunning work and a quality remix from another UK talent Rico Casazza.

Cosmic breaks and a full bodied bass lead the original to its peak as melodic chords and catchy, rebellious vocals inspire a sense of musical freedom and youthful wonderment as you listen.  Switching it up first, Rico Casazza  interprets the original in his own lounged-out style while still keeping it techy, playful and upbeat for the party.  Lastly, DJ Quiz radiates a “deep space disco glow” on his own production, filtering Krystal’s beautiful voice among a mesmerizingly celestial soundscape that leads you to the moon and back.

This debut release from King of Rats will take us on a galactic journey next month- but for now, peep the previews and keep this promising collaboration on your radar!