Hot on the heels of his enormous collaboration with Richy Ahmed in the Hot Creations camp, our own Kevin Knapp returns with some extra infectious house beats to OFF and proves once again his versatility and flow both as a singer and behind the productions studio wheels. “Do Work” creates a whole vibe on its own with a catchy vocal inducing folks to work it out and a bubbly bassline making them do so. Fat beats and a trippy set of arrangements complete this amazing dancefloor tune. “Bob Dewitt” showcases more of Kevin’s production and spoken word talents and creates a whole mayhem of its own with massive deep stabs and insane bassline that progress throughout the song to create an inmense festival vibe. We had to bring someone special to re-interpret this great single, and indeed Berlin ‘s own Einmusik (DiyNamic, Noir) gave a whole new meaning to the song, turning it into a synth driven, deep monster with a rolling bass groove and incredible string arrangements. A true masterpiece. Each track provides a different feeling, all ideal tools to create the perfect soundtrack for an incredible night.


Artist:  Kevin Knapp
Title:  The Bob Dewitt EP
Label:  OFF Recordings
Catalog No.:  OFF094