Kasper Bjørke has announce his latest studio LP, Sprinkles, recorded and produced on his laptop while spending extensive periods of time in a cabin by the beach in a remote part of Denmark

There is a distinct thread that runs through Kasper Bjørke’s vast body of work. Whether it’s an instrumental club track, a radio friendly affair, one of his forays into the more ambient side of things – or everything that falls in between – the DNA is unmistakably Bjørke’s. Finding that perfect balance of emotion and groove has always been his trademark. And though the musical scenery might change over time, Kasper Bjørke’s sound and vision is clearly evident throughout.

Kaspers new album Sprinkles is reminiscent of a utopian postcard sent from the past. Recorded and produced while spending extensive periods of time in the family’s cabin by a secluded beach, Bjørke reflects on what feels like distant memories; the energy and euphoria from his countless DJ gigs over the past decades.

Sprinkles is rooted in a multicolored sound and filled with light and warmth. The balearic vibes and dream house grooves merge with synth choirs, guitars, fretless and acid bass lines and intertwine playfully into a coherent sonic stream of consciousness.

The 13 track instrumental album stands as a breath of fresh air and a much needed, warm ray of sunshine.

Named after, and inspired by, Danish visual artist Luca Bjørnsten’s mesmerizing work “Sprinkles”, picturing an empty, lush and colorful landscape with a large, romantic fountain, perfectly embodies the surreal scenario that we have all become much too familiar with.

Sprinkles is out 30 July on hfn music

A1. Isola
A2. Glassy
A3. Baybi
A4. Running
A5. Kites
A6. Bon Voyage
A7. Biarritz
B1. Palace
B2. Sommervej
B3. Grace
B4. Mirage
B5. RDVSpecial
B6. Viewwws