[New Release] Oh sweet darkness. There’s a new man in town, and he knows just how I like it. Justin Baulé takes us for a journey to the darker side with his newest EP out August 23rd on relatively new, up and coming, heavy hitting label, Riff Raff. The title track ‘Once Again’ is a deep and throbbing foray of swing, rhythm and dirty, dirty, bass lines. Sprinkled with ominous and eerie heavy dark male vocals that are laced with the sexiest of lil female moans … this track straight heavy and sexy, a track meant to be dropped in the height of the night, a track meant to hit you hard, and a track meant take you to a darker level. The remix by Jay Tripwire is something uniquely it’s own, with distorted vocals and an acid line of deep and fluid groove. While Baulé’s original is the perfect track to hit hardest during the height of the night to take you to that climax, lay Jay’s version down during the afterhours, creeping into dawn, and let it transport you deeper into that wonderland. The EP rounds out with another Baulé original, ‘Rack City’. Solidifying his sound and cementing his style, Baulé keeps it deep and dangerously dark with this seriously sexy track.


Overall, the EP is divinely dark, dangerously deep, and straight up sexy. Definitely looking forward to what other deep delights come out of the Riff Raff family. I am more than excited, actually, literally fiending in anticipation for Baulé’s next release with Riff Raff head honcho Alex Clark aka Spacebyrdz coming up on MEXA.


Get lost in it dear lovers …

Artist: Justin Baulé
Label: Riff Raff
Release Date: August 23