A legend in his own right, Just Be aka Bushwacka, releases a beauty of an EP on Maison D’etre.   As a standard Maison D’etre always tries to explore the less ‘obvious’ territories and these 2 beautiful pieces are a perfect fit for the label

“Troubled Soul” is a journey into a dreamy landscape , located somewhere in the back of Just Be’s mind.  80’s influenced drums and bass line  will guide you through it while flashes of  electric melancholy will  light the way.    It’s an 11 minute ride to be enjoyed in those moments when one is most immersed in it. The second track “Another Late night” is quite the opposite from the first. It asks you to open you eyes and  appreciate everyone and everything around you(then maybe hug a few people). An epic tune swelling and fading over simple  solid beats, this is yet another beautiful moment from Just Be.


Artist:  Just Be
Title:  Troubled Soul
Label:  Maison D’etre
Catalog No.:  MDE009