Lips & Rhythm Records is a record label based in San Francisco with a knack for delivering smooth and groovy dance tracks that vary from deep to disco. With “Jupiter Liberation Front” they present us with a dreamy EP perfect for vibing out in the sun. The production team consisting of Camilo Miranda, Benicio P, Christian Len and the Birds of Rhythm have put together 5 tracks of blissed out baleric, funk and lounge vibes that are certain to make you feel good.

“Stranded in Jupiter” and “The Front” provide the listener with some slow and low funk while other tracks like “Red Clouds” and “Gardens of Jupiter” take the energy up a notch but still maintain the laid back feel of the EP.

Check out “Jupiter Liberation Front” (limited vinyl release) available through Lips & Rhythm Records.


Artist: Jupiter Liberation Front
Label: Lips & Rhythm Records
Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 7/20/16

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– vaz
Contributing Writer