In such an expansive and accelerated industry, we are constantly seeking variety, innovation and soul within the electronic spectrum, shuffling through releases for fresh sounds with the potential to uplift and inspire. Multifaceted artist and peace activist Jay Haze brings a new dimension to Soul Clap Records’ catalog in his collaborative Mulatar House EP, weaving spellbinding string instrumentation through deep, groovable basslines, psychadelic hints and intricate harmonies.

Created with the intention to animate electronic music naturally, Haze writes:

“We have taken this record as an opportunity to showcase the Mulatar, this beautiful all wood instrument which consists of a bass, harp and percussions on the back and sides. The sound of this instrument is so distinct because of the way it slides. It is a slide instrument, with wax contact to wood. At this point there have been 16 of them made by hand, and the sound of this beautiful instrument continues to mesmerize every time we play her.”

All 3 songs are distinct and engaging, but title track “Mulatar House” stands above with a nourishing flow that truly showcases the meditative capacity and promise of this musical union.

A special addition to any collection, order the 12″ from Juno or digitally on Beatport enjoy <3

Artist: Jay Haze, Signor Andreoni, Jordy Lockruf
Title: The Mulatar House EP
Label: Soul Clap Records
Release Date: 29th July / 1st December 2014
Cat No: SCR 1211