La Zic means ‘music’ in French slang and also forms part of Cristina’s DJ alias. The Italian-born, London-raised artist operates in the musical space between minimal, deep tech and melodic house. She emerged on the world stage thanks to DJ sets at key events like Exit Festival and Hï Ibiza, where she opened each Saturday for Damian Lazarus and Black Coffee, whilst as a producer, she has released on labels including Crosstown Rebels, Moan, Bondage Music and TBX. Cristina aims to connect with people by making them dance and says that the symbol of her new label is the moon, “which represents elegance and femininity, shining in the night and is linked to motherhood, balance, moods and emotions.” This new venture is an opportunity for her to stand proud as a female artist, using the platform to uplift and mentor exceptional female talents amongst its roster.

This debut EP opens with the majestic and aptly titled ‘Luna’, a stripped-back and silky minimal house affair with warm dubby undercurrents. The rich bassline bubbles throughout the mix with serene pads, bringing a futuristic sense of soul as dancers stay locked into the groove. Romanian Mihai Popoviciu has long since assured his legacy as one of Minimal’s most innovative names. His remix is expertly reduced to a deft rhythm and airy hi-hats. The pads float above the drums to bring a more heady and cosmic feel to a beautifully moon-lit track.

Cristina’s ‘Airplane Mode’ is another deft mix of rubbery, languid minimal rhythms and dusty hi-hats. Zoned-out vocals add a trippy feel to this most warm and balmy of underground sounds as it journeys to the stars. Colombia-born, Berlin-based David Gtronic steps up to remix this one. He is a talent known for subtle textures and pounding rhythms on labels like SCI+TEC. He brings electric funk to his mix with its edgy snares and full-on grooves that twist and turn on a spiky bassline.

Alongside the label, Cristina has further plans. She has spent over a decade working for companies such as Apple and Google and is now drawing on those experiences in the MentorZic program. This is offering a mix of workshops and one-on-one sessions designed to help artists learn how to believe in themselves, plan their success, learn insights on branding and marketing, and grow creatively. In addition, a new apparel line will also launch in March. This all-encompassing new label and platform from Cristina Lazic is set to become a vital resource for rising female talent in 2024 and beyond.

Cristina Lazic’s ‘Luna EP’ drops on March 1st on La Zic.


1. Cristina Lazic – Luna
2. Cristina Lazic – Luna (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)
3. Cristina Lazic – Airplane Mode
4. Cristina Lazic – Airplane Mode (David Gtronic Remix)

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