Petar Dundov has had yet another impressive year and continues to add great music to his catalogue that stretches back over two decades. This year alone he has appeared on the likes of Voltaire, Variety, Natura Viva and more. Last week he also appeared on Marc Romboy’s latest VA, “Marc Romboy Presents: Music From Space (Dimension A)” with his track ‘Andante’. We caught up with Petar and spoke about his track and the compilation: 


Hey Petar, a pleasure to have you with us today! How are you doing and whereabouts are you based right now?

I am doing fine, it was quite a busy month. There is always something to do in my studio in Zagreb where I am based.


How has the music scene been there recently given the effects of the pandemic?

Music scene survived, but many people involved in the music scene are still struggling. In the first year of the pandemic everybody was hit pretty hard, specially performers, since clubs were closed for so long. Recently things have improved, but I think it would take a couple of years to recover fully from everything.


We’re pleased to be chatting with you today around the release of Marc Romboy Presents: Music from Space (Dimension A), the latest VA compilation to be released on Marc’s Systematic label. Your track Andante features as the second track on the VA is a brilliant addition to an overall great compilation. Can you tell us a bit about your track and how it came to feature on the comp?

‘Andante’ originated in one of my live streams from the studio during the pandemic. The idea was to show the audience how music is made from scratch and I prepared a couple of melodic sequences for the occasion. During the session, by adding different layers, the basic structure of the song emerged. A couple of days later Marc contacted me regarding the compilation “Music from Space” and I remembered my recent session as a perfect candidate for it. Next couple of days I spent arranging and mixing the track. When everything was complete I sent it to Marc and he really liked it.



With Rodriguez Jr., Julian Wasserrmann, Marc Romboy and more amongst the VA’s heavyweight cast, what were your thoughts on the overall release?

Marc gathered a really nice combination of artists, each one with a particular style in electronic music, but coherent around the “Music from Space” concept. This is one of the compilations that besides great new tracks it also functions as an insight on how music can be a tool for expression of something so mysterious and abstract as Space.


You and Marc Romboy have worked together on multiple occasions in the past through collaborations or you through releasing via Systematic. What’s your relationship like and what’s it like working together?

Marc and I started collaborating some 5 years ago. We spent lots of time working together in the studio, exploring new sounds and making releases for his Systematic Records. We have complementary skills, so our music sessions had an easy flow, I really enjoy working with Marc.


Can you tell us a little bit about your studio setup? What are your favourite pieces of equipment? Are there any pieces you’d wish to add to your setup?

My studio is a crossover between vintage and modern setup. It is still centered around the main mixing console and DAW. I work “outside of the box” but still use the best of both worlds, analog and digital. My favourite piece of equipment is Roland Synthesizer System 100, I use it in almost every track. I have lots of other synthesisers, but I am missing the Yamaha CS-80 synthesiser, would be awesome to add it to my collection.


Thanks for your time today Petar and it was great to chat with you! To round off, is there anything else on the way soon from yourself that you would like to share with us?

I have a new EP coming out on Proton next week and a couple of nice remixes to follow.


Marc Romboy Presents: Music from Space (Dimension A) is OUT NOW on Systematic

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