A brand new talent to the music scene, SkyWhite’s journey into music began when he learned to play the piano at 10 years old. He was turned on to house music at just 16 after attending Black Coffee’s (Ballantine’s Human Orchestra) performance in 2014 and promptly learned to dj. He honed his craft playing at local parties and events, before producing a selection of his own tracks that were promptly signed by one of the hottest Afro House labels of the moment, Afrocentric. 


He has joined us in a conversation about his newest releases and his journey as a dj below. 


Hey hey – how are you, how has 2021 been for you?


My 2021 was good! In spite of the difficulties I faced; in fact, difficulties we continue to face as as a result of the pandemic. Despite all of it, I had many personal experiences that inspired my art.


How was the pandemic for you and what affect did it have on your music taste and style?


Speaking of the pandemic, as an artist I found myself having to adapt very quickly to our new “normal”. Although it affected most of us negatively, there was some good that came out of this season. The positive aspect was that I had a lot more time to focus on, and carry out my projects. Also, because the world was spending most of its time at home, the opportunities to work digitally arose. I’ve now had the chance to work through digital platforms with several international producers.

Of course, the disadvantage has been that live shows have been few in Mozambique because of the pandemic.


How do you judge success, is it by sales, high profile support, or do you only care about you liking the music?


I measure success as reaching several destinations in my journey. The first was my connection with music as a kid, it became my passion quickly, and effortlessly. My connection to it continues to grow day after day. The next has been the high level support. As a growing artist seeing my development in every collaboration, nationally and internationally, it has continued to inspire me to keep going and having faith in my art.

Then it’s seeing sales and how my music is heard as expected.


What are the worst bits about life in music, as a dj, producer, label boss? earning money? social media? staying in the headlines?



The worst part of my journey has been starting out in the game. Naturally, as a new artist there’s very little support and even fewer people who believe in your potential. This had a big impact on how motivated I became, and also the material aspects of being an artist, because of scarcity of gigs when starting out in this area.


Regardless of this however, I worked hard, grew creatively and educated myself on strategies and the right moves to make in this industry so that I could one day reach a profitable level.


I have a lot of faith that some day I will reach the highest level there is to reach with music!


As well,another bad part I would say, is the fact that my income is not predictable, meaning that we have to be very disciplined with money.

 It has especially been harder during the pandemic to plan for money as it has not come in as frequently. There’s also pressure to create frequently, as our fan base grows, more is wanted from me as a producer and dj.


Remaining in the headlines  is not always easy, but it is not the most important thing to me. I create music because I believe that it is what I’m called to do and I will continue to create no matter how many it reaches. Of course, knowing that I am appreciated means a lot to me.


How important would you say are artwork, format, march, that sort of thing, or is it just about the music?


Those are very important, but so is having a great team to work with. While I create music, I thank God that I am able to trust my team, with things such as artwork, and the smaller details that go into marketing and promotion of the brand.


Tell us about the Mozambique All Stars release and why did put it together


The idea to compile this EP, came from my other side of the moon. We did this to showcase our Mozambican talent through the dj and producers whose work you will get to hear on this project. It is incredibly special and it is a body of work that we are so proud of.


 What makes you most proud of label-wise so far?


I love their work ethic. They are always so professional and  I am very proud of the project that we have released together. We have many more to come, and I am pleased with how they are carrying out all that we have planned.


What advice would you give for running a label in 2021?


I am not running any label, perhaps that will happen in future. But I am learning so much from my current label and I am certain I will have a lot to impart in future.