Dutch mainstay Helsloot returns to the iconic Berlin label Get Physical Music for a new single ‘Take Care’. We caught up with him to discuss the new release, his much-anticipated upcoming album and more.

Hey Thomas! Welcome to Music is 4 Lovers, we’re very excited to have you with us today! How has your year been so far?

Thanks for having me. It exceeded my expectations on a few levels. I hosted my own party called ‘Let’s Pretend’ which was fun. Saw some new beautiful parts of the world. 

You have honed your skills as a DJ and producer from both behind the scenes and in the spotlight. How did your journey into the music scene begin?

I started out in a house DJ duo called A While Ago. We had the chance to do a decent amount of gigs and met a lot of great people in that time. As a duo we didn’t really have professional plans and I loved producing way more then DJ’ing. I decided to try and make a living out of production work. Teamed up with some good DJ friends of mine and started making a lot of tracks with them that got released. I got to explore all different electronic styles (even moombahton and trap), absolutely loved it. Sucked at dubstep though.

What inspired your move to the live/performing space?

After a couple of years in the production business I had a burnout. I was really bad at saying no and ended up doing everything for everyone but myself. In that time I still made some music in a therapeutic way. I didn’t really have a plan with it until good friends Tinlicker heard my stuff. They asked me to perform at their party in Utrecht. I played a full set with my own music. The energy of the people responding to it was indescribable and gave me the feeling they wanted to hear more.

You are synonymous with that warm melodic sound. Who were some of the early influences that helped shape your sound? 

Thank you! I think I’m mainly influenced by Wolfgang Gartner’s synth use and chord structures, also Deadmau5. But in terms of beats and vibe I always leaned towards sets of Solomun / Maceo Plex, there is a certain type of sexiness that speaks to the hip hop side of me.

Your next release sees you return to Get Physical Music – what is your relationship with the label and why is it a good home for this record in particular?

It feels like a perfect match. They walk that thin line between telling a story on a dance track but with sexy beats. I’ve been a fan of the label ever since M.A.N.D.Y. and Booka Shade’s ‘Body Language’.

The new single ‘Take Care’ is an emotional slice of house music. What was your inspiration for the track?

When I was working on the breakdown and figured out the chords it made me think of this moment where you meet someone. Feel connected. A butterfly or two. Maybe even picture a lifetime with them but you say goodbye (take care) at the end of that moment.

Can you tell us a little about the equipment you used for the production process?

I started with the breakdown with a piece of my own vocal that I stretched with the new sonic arts granulator. It inspired me to play those plucks which comes from a Jupiter 8 (vst version). Pulled up a bass from a behringer Model D and added a few layers with the Juno 106 which is connected to a Specular Tempus pedal effect. Beats are all made inside the box, just as the mix and master.

You’ve worked with some big names including Diplo, Tinlicker and Skitzofrenix to name a few. How do you find the process of working with other musicians? Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Working with them was all very different but so inspiring. I’m always about collaborating because you learn so much and get the feeling you’re not the only maniac living in a DAW half your life. I would really love to do a record with Burna Boy one day. I wouldn’t mind spending a day or two with Kenny Parker, Tame Impala also.

Your music often includes lush vocals that complement your productions – in your opinion how important are vocals in dance music?

I don’t think I’ve ever make a track without vocals to be honest. It could be just a long stretched out part of my own recorded vocal. Brings a bit of life to the computer.

Are there any up and coming producers or Djs that are on your radar?

I think he’s been around for a while but I recently discovered (and connected with) Martin Waslewski. And I also just found out about Flemming Bassedow.

Thank you so much for joining us today Thomas! One last thing, we hear you are planning an album for 2023, what can you tell us about it? I’m sure a lot of our readers would love to hear!

Correct. I can tell it contains a few songs with some great vocalists. I’m really enjoying the freedom about creating tracks without 1 minute mix in and outros. Expect a lot of warm melodies too. Thank you guys, this was fun!

Helsloot ‘Take Care’ is out now on Get Physical Music


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