Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to speak to us! How is everything with you both currently?

T: First of all, I would like to thank the invitation from the Music is 4 Lovers team to talk a little about us and this release. We are having to adapt to the new reality, keep ourselves safe and keep our heads working in the best possible way.

B: We thank you! We are fine, but the world is going through a complicated period due to Covid-19 so we are not playing, but with a total focus on music production and hoping that everyone has access to the vaccine as soon as possible so that we can return soon!

What has the last year been like for you? Have you been able to take away any good from it?

T: Last year was complicated not only for us, but for the whole world. It was necessary to reformulate the customs of personal and professional life. It is difficult to talk about something good in the middle of this situation, but I can point out some personal changes. My line of sound was gaining a new identity, perhaps because of the feeling that all this brought, I returned to intensify musical research, something that I did a lot when I acted only as a DJ and lost a little when I started producing. I sought to deepen my knowledge in the area of music production and also in the phonographic market. 

B: It was a year of a lot of reflection, without gigs but we managed to stay productive, making music, lives and managing Me Gusta Records.

What motivates you when writing music at the moment in the absence of live shows?

T: To tell you the truth, live shows were never the main motivation in the composition of my songs, but what I live in day to day, in addition to readings and films. I always saw the presentations more as a way to show people the ideas that come out of my room based on the inspirations of everyday life, but even without them the productions do not stop, as well as our work at the record company.

B: Especially the love for art! We love what we do so even though we are not playing, we remain focused on production, bringing good music to the world and eager to return to the stage and find the audience that exudes good energy.

Have you noticed any changes in how you produce?

T: For sure. As I said in the first answer, perhaps because of all the sensation caused by this chaotic moment, but also because of new sounds that I got to know throughout this year.

B: No, but I am always studying, watching tutorials and learning more and more. I managed to focus more on the studio.

You guys run Me Gusta Records. What is it like being in charge of a label that’s been running for so long? 

T / B: Actually Me Gusta started as a party / event producer and turns 11 in December 2021. The label turns 2 in October of that year.

We are very happy to manage the label and closely monitor its evolution, growth, being able to give opportunity to new talents and at the same time have more experienced artists.

When you’re signing new music, what catches your ear at the moment? Are you in to any particular sound currently? 

T: The main point is to please the ears, regardless of gender. It is clear that we work within a musical spectrum, we seek a sound that is not very mainstream, but we are very flexible in this aspect.

B: The timbres.

You’ve got a new release which features a collaborative remix from yourselves as well as remixes from Andreas Henneberg and Khainz. Can you tell us a bit about how you came to choose these guys to put their touches on Flow & Zeo’s ‘Pleasure’.

T / B: We already knew Andreas Henneberg well because we brought him 4 times to play the Me Gusta party and we were with him at the last Universo Paralello Festival that happened between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, so we thought of him as the first name to sign a of the remixes because we knew it would be well mixed and easily recognized by Andreas’s identity and concept.

Khainz was introduced to me (Beranger) by Andreas at the Paralello Universe, we talked a lot and ended up keeping in touch and he is also a friend of the Flow & Zeo couple so when choosing the second name for the remix we thought of him for having a different sound line of the other tracks on this EP.

After all, both are references for us when it comes to music production.

What was the dynamic when producing your remix. Did you both have your own individual elements that you took the lead on, or was everything collaborative? 

T / B – The dynamics were great, we booked a session in my studio (T_Pazos) we heard some references and we started to “cook” the music to already follow a path and not get lost in ideas, on the same day we had practically created the outline of the track. Yes we use some individual elements so that people can understand a little of each person’s identity, but most of the remix was very collaborative and with a lot of ideas until it reached the final version.

What are you most looking forward to when we get back to normality?

T: Gather friends, touch, see the least apprehensive people, with renewed hopes, and above all, that people do not doubt science.

B: Conquer new horizons like playing in other countries or cities outside Rio de Janeiro. Bring good music to the world and stay firm with personal and record label work.

What is the first club you want to play when live music returns? 

T: Honestly, I have no preference, I just want to get back in touch with the public that likes music, regardless of the place!

B: Warung Beach Club that is located right here in Brazil in Itajaí – SC. It is a Club that I always wanted to play.

Finally if you could sign any artist in the world to the label, who would it be and why?

T: Difficult to name a name. I think a record label’s greatest happiness is discovering new talent. So I would choose a promising name that seeks its space.

B: Oden & Fatzo, because I think their sound is incredible. They are the guys I have listened to most these days.

Purchase ‘Pleasure’ (Remixes) HERE

Me Gusta Records · [#MGR016] Flow & Zeo – Pleasure Remixes | Available on May 12