Scottish DJ, Marco Loco, made his name on the White Isle of Ibiza as resident at Space (R.I.P.) and playing 100+ gigs every summer for more than 8 years. Nowadays, Marco spends most of the year in Thailand on a little island renowned for its Full Moon parties, Koh Pha Ngan.

We met Marco during the summer of 2013 in Ibiza and were inspired by his story and his magnetic, Es Vedra-like energy; so we’re excited to feature such a vital piece of the Ibiza scene. Enjoy!

Learn more about Marco Loco in the interview below…

Hometown Heroes: Marco Loco from Ibiza

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Interview with Marco Loco

How did you get into electronic music and DJing? Is there a specific moment of inspiration that you can remember?
I started playing the piano aged 4 and started to make dance music on keyboards when i got inyo my teens… When i was 17 my big bro got a set of decks then asked me to look after them for a year when he was going away travelling… The rest is history!

Tell us about the music scene in Ibiza. What sets it apart and makes it special?
The music scene in Ibiza unfortunately is not as respected as it once was… In my early years there (from 2002) the scene was the best in the world… Every big underground house/techno Dj was a part of it and you could party around the clock at a variety of crazy parties! Slowly the scene has got over saturated with EDM and commercial music and alot of the new Ibiza venues focus on the VIP culture… I was coming to Koh Phangan every winter for years and eventually last years I decided that I prefer the scene there to Ibiza and I’m happy to be based there most of the year now.

What does the future hold for you in 2017 and beyond?
I’m looking forward to doing some touring in May/June… I’ll be playing a load of gigs across the States and Europe before coming back to Koh Pha Ngan for beginning of July.

I have 4 new house/tech eps on the way in the coming months and this summer I will be releasing a chillout/downtempo album with Roni Kush featuring a wide variety of tracks from chillout, funk, disco with a little bit of house. We are working with live musicians and vocalists and we are really excited for the release…

Give me a quick run down on a night out with you (when you’re not playing) in Ibiza. Must go-to places to eat, drink and dance.
In my opinion the best must-go-to clubs in Ibiza were Space, Amnesia & DC10. Sadly Space closed its doors last year but Amnesia and DC10 are still rocking to maximum capacity almost every night.

Ibiza Town port is also a must see… Very cool scene with nice bars and great atmosphere.

Top 5 tracks in your playlist…
Tough to pick only 5 and in all honesty my top 5 change almost every day but for now…

Jacky – Apache
Tiger Stripes – A feeling
Leon (Italy), Simone Liberali – Can t You See
Raffa FL – How We Do
Phangan Sunrise – Marcoloco

What is your dream gig?
Playing the music I love and making people happy is my dream gig… Wether its to 5000, 500 or 50 people, if the vibe is good it’s a dream gig!

Tell us about your mix…
I play lots of styles from chillout to techno and everything in-between. This mix focuses on my techno side… recorded live on my birthday @ Backyard, Koh Phangan… It’s gets little crazy, hope you enjoy!

Favorite drink…
Daytime: Fresh Apple/pineapple
Nighttime: Vodka/redcull or hierbas ibicencas (when available!)



– jams
Jimbo James