Henrik Villard is making waves within the house music community and with good reason. A regular stream of releases on labels has seen his profile grow – releasing on labels such as; Nite Records, sub_urban, Beatservice Records, Tooman, TwoFiveSix and Moskalus to name just a few. Living in Oslo, Norway, Villard has been producing music for 5 years, and over that time has cultivated a warm and textured house sound. Soulful music that can be listened to while working or while shaking your behind on the dancefloor.  Tune in and enjoy Henriik’s Hometown Heroes mix, repping Oslo including his debut release on independent Glasgow based label, Deallt With Records with his track ‘What I Want You Yo Do



Tell - Starry Night
Kink - Leko (Session Victim Remix)
Henrik Villard - What I Want You To Do
Cleanfield - Further Ado
Henrik Villard - Tredve Grader På Balkongen
Felipe Gordon - Wait On Me
Madcat - Call Me Ishmael
Hurlee - In The Sunshine
Books - Taking Care of Business
Purple Ice - Mas Amor
Pitto - You Treat Me Like A Fool (Kassian Remix)
Ricky Razu - Never Left
Third Attempt - Transit (Henrik Villard Remix)


Turn it up & enjoy!