My latest discovery and obsession, Haze-M, is definitely one of my top artists to keep an eye on for 2013. Hailing from the lands of Tunisia but based between there and Berlin, his sound is just something else. Whether it’s his harder tech side, like his previous releases on Viva or Loco Records, or heavy deep or the perfect sweet and sexy blend of deep and nu-disco, he just gets it. With his own label Dance Till Death launched just last year, 2013 is inevitably the year Haze-M really makes his mark.


His latest out is the first release for Stay Fly Records and it seriously has me hooked. The original is a smooth dreamy indie dance / nu-disco gem featuring the love ballad vocals of Asha that instantly wins your heart. The EP is loaded with 4 remixes. The first from Him_Self_Her takes it straight gangsta in the beginning with hip-hop vocals looping under the original and a harder percussion hitting drive, they slow it down and tease you out halfway through the track to build up an even harder hitting beat. The second from Newbie Nerdz takes it for a funk tech spin, layers upon layers of fast perccusion ride on a twangy bassline. They cut mid-track to a stripped down leading bridge only to build up to an even funkier bassline that will get you groovin.


The third from Teenage Mutants & Lars Moston honors more of that original dreamy ballad sound, they lift you up with enlivening happy synth undertones but bring it with a serious booty bouncing bassline. The last interpretation from The Wize Guys will entrance you from the beginning with a slow start that builds up to a seriously solid dance ready track. The EP closes out with another Haze-M original ‘Draw Your Swords’. Inviting female vocals ride on the sultry sounds to make this an instant go-to to set the mood sexy.


Haze-M, we are in LOVE. Will definitely be keeping an eye on what he has for us this 2013. Impressive work from all the artists involved, to pick one favorite remix is too hard when each one appeals perfectly to a different mood. Amazing first release for StayFly, definitely looking forward to what they have coming up.


Artist: Haze-M / Him_Self_Her, Newbie Nerdz, Teenage Mutants, Lars Moston, The Wize Guys
Title: Baby Don’t Go
Label: StayFly Records
Release Date: March 4
Catalog:  SF001



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