HOSH’s fryhide label continues to carve out its own special niche in the underground world with a new EP from Simao. It features four original tracks that suggest this exciting artist is all set to blow up.

Simao hails from Lisbon but lives in London and is a well travelled DJ who is adaptable to any setting, from squats to vast outdoor raves to warehouses and intimate basements. He runs his own night Imperialism and is inspired by nature as well as DJs like Rodhad. Working subtle sounds and deep emotions into his sets, this EP proves Simao is a mindful artist with a considered and cerebral sound.

Foutayne Road is first and is seven suburb minutes of mindful and moody house. The synths roam and meander with a sombre air of their own as rubbery beats roll below. It’s a patient track but one that makes a lasting impact once it gets under your skin.

Hale Pale is busier, with silky synths riding up and down the scale as sci-fi effects and smeared chords flesh out the already supple drums and bass. It’s one that takes you deep into the night with a real sense of melodic colour.

Root then keeps you on edge with its nervy chords dangling above darker drums. It’s suspenseful and the sort of track to really get you in a trance with its grand visions. Last of all is The Fridge, another masterfully melodic tune that is dreamy and zoned out, layered with lush chords and gentle thundering claps that bring a sense of narrative.

This is an exquisite EP stuffed with emotion and one that proves Simao is a master of melody.

Simao – Hale Pale (Original Mix) [Fryhide]

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Artist: Simao
Title: Fountayne EP
Label: Fryhide
Release: 2017-11-10


– jams
Jimbo James