Giorgia Angiuli has style like no other.  With her unique live performances and releases on popular labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Einmusika and Moodmusic, she has quickly gained much recognition in the industry. Now gracing our ears with her latest EP, it’s no wonder she has become a welcome addition to Constant Circles, with her debut Deep Moan.

Giorgia’s innate ability to create such tunes, stems from her extensive musical background; classically trained as a musician, composer and live performer, her eclectic style ranges from classical guitar to new metal and hardcore.  Her keen musical intuition peaked her interest in the electronic sphere, leading her to experiment with various sounds and techniques. Now crafting pieces using her hypnotic voice layered over a wide array of instruments, her live sets are a multi-sensory experience, shifting between pop, techno and house.  Just as diverse as her music, the release comes with three original tracks, along with a stellar remix.

Time to just close your eyes and get lost in those magical sounds of the underground — dark and lovely, “Deep Moan” is an intoxicatingly beautiful track, luring you in with a throbbing bassline. Wonderfully enriched with cinematic strings and bold horns, the ethereal vocals and haunting melodies will undoubtedly creep into your soul.  Marc DePulse has his hand at a divine remix, maintaining the ominous tone, while progressively transcending you into another realm. “In My Head” is a mind-bending track, infused with deep, pulsating bass and trippy vocal cuts, while “Ofelia” sublimely wraps up the EP, with some lingering spaced out sounds, illuminated with rich textures.


Artist: Giorgia Angiuli
Release Date:
Label: Constant Circles
Catalog No: CC013

Giorgia Angiuli – Deep Moan

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Crystal Helman
Contributing Editor