As Fuckthegovernent LTD bless the world with their next release, we wanted to catch up with them and discuss the ideas behind the label, and where it all began. SP39 deliver their “Hey Man (Just Listen To God” for their first 2021 output. Check out our premiere below…

Music is 4 Lovers · SP39 – Hey Man (FTG LTD Back To ’90 Dub) [FUCKTHEGOVERNMENT] []

Hello guys, how are you?  What was the beginning of 2021 like for you?

We start the 2021 with our best intentions and inspirations but immediately proved to be a very heavy year, we tried to be mentally engaged with music but everything we are experiencing is not easy, the only positive note is that we started the year by getting rid of  Mr. Donald Trump, honestly the whole world and the US most of all had had enough.

How was the concept of Fuckthegovernment LTD born?

The idea of Fuckthegovernment project was born in 2013 and not linked or inspired by politics, even if everyone has always thought the opposite; we were inspired by the freedom that embodies music, freedom to sample, freedom to edit and play with it without any constraints.  As it was done in the early 80s when editing and remixing iconic and rare songs was the essence of the underground producers 

The SP39 EP “Hey man” has a meaningful spoken word message, can you tell us a little bit about the message?  Why is it important to you and how essential do you think it is that artists use their music to spread messages like this?
(reply by SP39 guys Flavio & Paride )
Let’s make a small premise: we are strongly convinced that music is a universal language capable of crossing borders and reaching people directly and immediately.  Furthermore, in our opinion, music must also be a vehicle for positive messages.  The songs can be about love or political / social protest, talk about youth discomfort or lighter themes, the important thing is that they contain positive messages and hope and the message that “Hey Man” contains for us is all of this.  We liked the idea that a 4/4 track could find a way out quickly and lightly, leaving a direct and meaningful message in mind.  It is important that artists express themselves in positive messages.  With their music they enter people’s heads and for this reason they can become strongly conditioning.

Can you tell us a little about the work of art?  You also got some merchandise made, right?

It is a peaceful form of protest against Mr. Donald Trump’s management of human rights, which seemed closer to Hitler’s thoughts than American democratic history.  We just ironically fielded a caricature-mode NAZI-TRUMP 

What are your plans for the future of the label?

We are planning another 3 releases, with both iconic Italian and foreign artists. To name just one, we are very proud to bring out an unreleased underground track from 1991 by one of the greatest Italian DJs ever: Flavio Vecchi. 

Can you choose a track that inspires the label?  (Youtube link)We have chosen 2 for you


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