LA up-and-coming DJ and co-founder of Noise Revolt, DaVoid, shares his tunes for our 6th Fresh Faces podcast.

For DaVoid, music is symbiotic with life. It is a mirror reflection of human existence in another form. It is a vast ocean of experience that can be harnessed and tuned to perfection – and in turn – can bring us to new highs and states of being. It is medicine. It is love. It is all that is, and all that ever was. His music is defined by rich textured landscapes and heavy driving bass lines, deep psychedelia and melodic currents being staples of his uniquely crafted sound.

As a Los Angeles based artist, he is quickly rising as a well respected Dj, producer, promoter & talented up and comer in the So Cal underground. A co-founder of the LA based community/production company & label Noise Revolt, he has directly supported artists such as DAVI, Spartaque, Tara Brooks, Matchy & Bott, Shigeto, Ardalan, Christian Martin, Worthy, DJ Dan and many other established Djs & producers.

With productions spanning across many genres and styles, including releases on Water Bear Records, Minimal Sessions and his company’s label Noise Revolt Records, DaVoid’s production style is one of self discovery and experimentation with roots in the underground house & techno genres. Attempting to bind himself with his art, he utilizes alchemical theories and frequency stimulation in hopes that his artwork may be felt on a level that brings the listener into an altered state of perception.

Fresh Faces 6 // DaVoid

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Lava Boots (Original Mix) | Minimal Sessions | Unreleased
One for the Trouble (Original Mix) | Water Bear Records | Unreleased
Everywhere (DaVoid Remix) – Sergio Maldono | Water Bear Records
The One (DaVoid Remix) – Deep Tribe | Noise Revolt Records | Unreleased
Ode to Ocarina (Original Mix)
ThemMOshens (Original Mix) | Noise Revolt Records | Initiation EP | Unreleased
Psychles (Original Mix) | Noise Revolt Records | Initiation EP | Unreleased
Fire & Ice (Original Mix) | Noise Revolt Records| Initiation EP | Unreleased
Familiar Love (DaVoid Remix) – Davy James | Noise Revolt Records
The Alchemy of Dance (Original Mix) | Noise Revolt Records



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