Episode 132 of our Fresh Faces series comes to us from Clain.

Born in the mid 80’s, Clain grew up in Paris. A keen musician since childhood, he studied sound and image processing and worked as an engineer and is now a multifaceted artist who produces a wide range of electronic music.

Releasing on labels like KIDS Records, Mirror and Natura Viva, Clain’s output ranges from progressive and melodic house and techno to his own blend of fusion house, which incorporates influences from various different cultures and influences he has absorbed on his global travels.

Clain’s next single is a collab with Brozzo, Burning Earth, which will land on Natura Viva early 2022.

Enjoy Clain’s Fusion House Set below!

1- Lagartijeando Ft Minük - La Frontera (Clain Fusion Mix)
2- Alain Diamond - Paulette (Original Mix)
3- Clain - Ninda House (Fusion Mix)
4- Chambord - La Cumbia (Original Mix)
5- Aluminé Guerrero et les Enfants Perdus - La Mina Contamina (Clain Fusion Mix)
6- Ricardo Criollo House - El Monte
7- Robert Oh - Samba (Clain Fusion Mix)
8- Tony Romera - VHS (Extended Mix)
9- Calypso Rose - Abatina (Clain Fusion Mix)
10- Saliva Commandos - Travis Bickle (Original Mix)
11- Fat Freddy's Drop - Roady (Clain Fusion Mix)
12- Alain Fanegas - Show Me What It's Like (Original Mix)
13- Quim Manuel O esperito santo - Eme Lelu (Clain Fusion Mix)
14- Andrea Oliva - Playa (Deetron Extended Remix)
15- Mattafix - Living Darfur (Clain Fusion Mix)


Turn it up & enjoy! –DuBeats