[Free Download/Mixtape]  Our boy Sean Roman of Akbal, Eletronique, Hot Waves, Love Not Money, My Favorite Robot, Outcross, Neim, and Strictly Rhythm fame (that’s quite a list!), has given us an original track of his to give away in promotion of all his new and forthcoming work! In addition to the releases, he’s got a new mixtape as well for us to share with you. Sean Roman has been making substantial moves in the deep house world for a little while now and honestly, we’ve got to send a shout-out to Bubba for tipping us onto this young producer, almost a year ago, who was “doin sum serious stuff”.


FREE TRACK: Sean Roman – I Don’t Have to Go (Download Here or On the Player Below)

New Releases OUT NOW:


Forthcoming Releases:


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New Mix: Sean Roman – Bloorcourt Heatwave Mix