[Release] For MEXA‘s next release they offer up a remix package of the widely praised FreakMe EP which was released back in February. A solid selection of remixes, each interpretation really takes the track and makes it their own. Nothing but the best from MEXA.


The remix package kicks off with Ashley Wild‘s interpretation of ‘Time Has Come’ taking the track for a trip on the eerie side, in the sexiest of ways. A stripped down approach gives it a more minimal tech feel to the previously more bouncy deep sound. Really loving the more raw feel to the remix.


The EP offers up two interpretations of ‘Some Might Say’. The first from F3 keeps it on the dreamier deep tip but changes the dynamic of the track with cleverly inlaid layer upon layer of element. From the steel rhythm tropical sounding melody, the cymbals and the shake to the airy undertones and angelic vocals cut with the pounding bassline and captivating percussion, it all works.


The second remix of ‘Some Might Say’, my personal favorite of the two, takes the track for a badass deep tech spin with harder and heavier vibes from Lula Circus. The remix runs strong right from the beginning a with tough unyielding bassline, penetrating percussion, and distorted dirty synths that build the energy up to a playful teasing climax. A mid track slow down cuts the heavy vibes with a focus on the entrancing vocals and dreamy overtones, only to dive back in to a heavy nu deep tech sound.


Artists: FreakMe / Ashley Wild, F3, Lula Circus
Title: Time Has Come Remixes
Label: MEXA Records
Catalog: MEXA014