For over a year, Frank & Tony and Bob Moses have been producing a beautiful EP series on the Brooklyn based label Scissor & Thread.  Charting tracks by the trio frequently as well as Black Light Smoke and Francis Harris, it is easy to see why such pure music calls this definitive and intimate label home.


Their fifth installment embraces a slow, mellow vibe perfect for any moody mix.  “Holy For Her” opens up like a light breeze and its tastefully indie dance lean will ease any dancefloor.  The concluding track “Elea” is somber and spacey as twinkling chimes float above the prominent lyrical harmony.


We have so much love for these deep and engaging releases and hope you will too <3



Artist: Frank & Tony, Bob Moses
Title: 005
Label: Scissor & Thread
Release Date: September 16th, 2013
Catalog #: FAT005