After releasing on many of the big hitter labels such as Hot Creation and Get Physical, Frank Storm is kicking the year off with his brand new label ‘CRUNCH‘. Here are his top tips on starting one….

1. Passion
“First of all if you want create your own label, you have to believe in what you are going to show  people because you are selling music. So if something that has a soul without passion, there is no real soul”.
2. Motivation
“This one is the most important tips that I can suggest because it’s the fuel that runs the car. Be hungry and don’t be discouraged by the obstacles that you will meet along the way”.

3. Express Yourself
“Starting a label is a channel to express what you have inside and what you want show to everybody”.
4 Creativity
“Don’t follow and don’t take examples, give space to your mind and don’t be square. Be open and not a slave to the system”.

5. Crew
“Build up your own crew, create yourself a brotherhood and support each other”.

The debut EP on CRUNCH will be from Frank Storm himself and is out tomorrow –