[New Release]  Just as the summer is warming up and the little island of Ibiza starts to go wild, Electronique Digital brings us this stellar Ibiza Sampler 2012.  Calling to the likes of Bubba, Lula Circus, Balcazar & Sordo, Sean Roman, and many others this record is surely ready to set things off. This whole album has many dimensions and goes into the depths of what house music has become.  With so many tracks I could write a whole essay about this album, but to keep things sweet and short, I’ll get into a few tracks that really stood out to me.

Bubba’s track ‘Do It 2 Me’ is a an amazing track, with its sultry name and vocals, thumping bass line, and deep groove, this song is sure to get lots of plays around the Spanish island.  Balcazar & Sordo deliver again in a classic style with their track ‘Don’t Go’. It has a breezy groove, electric flow, and immersed bass this one is perfect track for one of those many incredible sunrises.

The stand out track on the album is from newcomers Deep’art.  Their track, ‘Word,’ is an immaculate piece with an abysmal groove, seductive melodic bass line that perfectly captures the feeling and sound that made me fall in love with Electronique.  Sean Roman, James Pople, and Timmy P also deliver some quality tunes.  This release has something for everyone and there is a track for almost any mood.

With a plethora of new up-and-coming artists, along with a few seasoned vets, this release is bringing something fresh to the dance world and showcasing that Electronique can find talent in many places.  As always, we look forward to anything coming from this label, and once again Electronique delivers.

Artists:  Various Artist
Title:  Electronique Ibiza Sampler 2012
Label:  Electronique Digital
Catalog No.:  ED020
Release Date:  Some time this summer