[Forthcoming Release] Samplings of the exquisite vocals of sir Marvin Gaye will never get old to me … they actually always end up becoming my favorite tracks. Raised on the golden oldies and missing my childhood days of pure funk … Real Nice & Cubiq not only take me back but they take me higher with their deep ‘Ugly Brotha’. I guess I can finally stop listening to Mercy by Edit Murphy on repeat when this comes out, finally a new Marvin miracle. On June 19th, along with the vinyl release, Real Nice’s ‘Primogeniture’ remix and Cubiq’s ‘Runt’ remix of the original will both be digitally available. Get groovy lovers because ‘long as you’re groovin’, there’s always a chance, somebody watchin’ might wanna make romance …’


Artist: Real Nice & Cubiq
Label: Nurvous Records
Catalog: NE225577
Release Date: June 19 (Vinyl)